A clothing brand specialized in design and fashion of knickerbockers.

All of our products are 100 % Hand Made in France, in our workshop based in Montmartre, Paris.

We provide different models and collections, limited edition and we also offer the opportunity to design your own knickerbockers.

We collaborate with the famous fashion draper of from Savile Row in London, Holland&Sherry and a quality tailor to provide you



*Knickerbockers or Plus-Four is the name of the baggy-kneed trousers popular in the 20' and worn by people until after World War I. *Also worn by the famous cartoon character "Tintin".
*Used for sports by baseball players and NFL officials and for climbing, cycling, ski and golf.
*Until the 90', the famous golf player Payne Stewart was wearing his knickerbocker on the PGA Tour.

*Has been used in various contexts as an emblematic name of New York City.

*Today it may refer to :
-New York's places ( Knickerbocker Avenue - Brooklyn),
-A British dessert (Knickerbocker Glory),
-The American literature (Washington Irving or Diedrich Knickerbocker), -Music (The Knickerbockers)
-Sport, the famous basketball team ( The New York Knicks).

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